Inland Logistics and Liner Services

At M2M, we recognise the carriage of goods is part of a logistical process. Transportation doesn’t simply end at the port of discharge. Through our extensive experience of inland logistics and warehousing, we are able to provide a true ‘door-to-door’ service for goods and different commodities, from worldwide into Europe and the UK. Call us for more details.


The Container market has been at record highs. Container rates are at record levels, and Freight costs in containers are proving to be prohibitive for some supplies. Sourcing containers has also been extraordinarily challenging. Our Clients contacted us because they needed help in transporting palletised paper to the UK. Using our network and experience of different market sectors, the consignment was brought in by bulk carriers, and M2M organised and oversaw the discharge and storage in the UK, and supervised with the inland transportation. The clients were extremely happy that not only were they were able to access their consignments, but that the financial savings involved were considerable.