Why Pool?

Pooling offers its members a compelling benefit – outperforming
the spot market.

The pool maximizes members’ revenues by gaining access to a
larger network of counterparties, through consolidation and the
more efficient negotiation of commercial terms. Economies of scale mean better terms can be negotiated with fuel (and other) suppliers.

Crucially, pooling spreads the risk and enhances returns. The greater the number of vessels, the lower the geographic (and other) risks, and the greater the optimisation of commercial operations.

Pooling also offers more efficient credit-risk management and diversification of counterparties, and the availability of Credit Line enhances the
utilisation of working capital.

Why M2M Pool?

M2M has a long history of commercial success in managing bulk carriers in the Panamax / Kamsarmax and Capesize sectors, consistently outperforming the BPI (Baltic Panamax Index) by more than 20%.

M2M has an unrivalled experience of managing major blue-chip, third-party assets in the maritime industry. It’s this that makes M2M uniquely qualified to run a pool. Attracting and maintaining such high-quality investments not only requires demanding levels of due diligence, but impeccable reporting and management skills.

The M2M Pool exists for the exclusive benefit of pool members, who profit from their managers industry-leading track record in the commercial operation of bulk carriers. Due to the large number of ships under its management, its long-term presence in the Panamax market and excellent relationships with all major charterers, M2M has access to information and cargo flows from across all market sectors.

Advanced freight trading and risk-management advisory will be offered as an optional service for the pool participants who want to maximize the risk-return profile of their fleet. As owners themselves, the shareholders of M2M naturally want the very best management and revenues for their own ships. It’s a sign of the confidence they place in their systems that M2M’s shareholders will place their own bulkers in the pool.


M2M has representatives in London & Athens