M2M Management was originally established in 2006 to manage institutional assets in the complex and highly volatile dry-bulk shipping markets. The business grew to become one of the largest privately owned freight-trading groups in the world, offering its clients unique risk-management systems and a vast experience of managing third-party assets in the maritime industry.

M2M Shipping employs a range of highly specialised professionals in London and Athens. Its expertise covers physical freight trading and chartering, commercial operations, freight futures hedging and trading, fund management and commodity and shipping finance. With access to its dynamic, motivated and hugely experienced team, as well as the M2M Pool Management LLP worldwide network of counterparties, clients can be assured of the most creative and innovative approach to maritime investment management.

M2M Shipping is founded on extensive market experience and a culture of disciplined risk measurement & control. M2M Panamax Pool Ltd, managed by M2M Pool Management LLP has developed a proprietary and industry leading risk management system (‘Neptune’), in addition to using conventional and complementary
risk management techniques.

The creative and innovative approach to shipping employed by M2M was rewarded in the summer of 2008 when
M2M successfully tendered for the $330 million purchase of the fleet portfolio of an international commodity house.
The transaction won the International Banking award for Innovation. This investment successfully matured by the end of 2010.

Today M2M Shipping Ltd with M2M Panamax Pool Ltd and M2M Pool Management LLP is a market leader with a proven track record, offering its members a compelling benefit – out performing the market.


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